Compact apartments
in an intimate investment

Completion of the investment this year

Green enclave
in the center
of Łódź


We are pleased to help you get acquainted in some more detail with our latest development project in Łódź, located at 4 Wólczańska street. Whilst responding to market demand, we offer a number of small apartments in a townhouse located in a quiet, leafy street, in the very hub of Łódź. The building is located close to the Manufaktura, Piotrkowska street, Wolności square, and the "Łódź Śródmieście" [Łódź Central] commuter stop sited along the city’s cross-rail tunnel. Excellent location and overall attractiveness of the development project make the property at 4 Wólczańska street an interesting offer to anyone on the lookout for a safe investment in highly sought small apartments, just perfect for both long- and short-term lease, as well as a sensible capital investment.

We plan to complete the full renovation by the end of 2021. Admission to the investment area will be possible from August 20. From that moment, we also plan to sign contracts for the sale of premises.

We are presently hard at work carrying out a comprehensive revitalisation project on this attractive building located in the very heart of the city. The location happens to be one of the few green enclaves in the vicinity of Piotrkowska street, whose historical buildings are also subject to intensive revitalisation. Numerous newly created home zones (Dutch: woonerfs) have an appreciably beneficial effect on overall comfort of living in this residential area, especially by way of traffic calming, lots of diversely landscaped greenery, and introduction of user-friendly infrastructure designed primarily with pedestrian traffic in mind.

All apartments overlook abundant greenery, many of them also boasting balconies. The vast majority of the units have the most desirable western or southern orientation. Thanks to high ceilings it is possible, as well as highly recommendable to have a mezzanine installed to appreciably increase usable floor space. A landscaped garden, to be arranged in the courtyard, is also meant to boost overall attractiveness of the project. Its focal point is going to be a huge, several-year-old Rhododendron roseum elegans, flowering in a delicate shade of pink. Discreet backlighting is going to make all greenery look resplendent even after dusk. 

While diligently retaining and renovating all the historic components, we set out to introduce a variety of modern technological solutions with overall comfort of prospective residents in mind, also with a view to making it easier for investors to secure a satisfactory return on the invested capital. Many years of hands-on experience in comprehensive renovation of townhouses, combined with maintaining specialist supervision over the works in progress throughout, is going to facilitate a speedy completion of the project to the highest standard. We aim to complete the full scope of renovation works by the end of 2021. Having your comfort in mind, we also recommend the option of “turnkey” apartment finishing services, both long- and short-term lease management, as well as home staging services - all provided by the companies with whom we regularly cooperate on such projects as trusted business partners.

We run the direct sales, and do not charge our buyers any commission or fees for intermediary or consulting services.


A large selection of investment microcavalous for rent with small areas from 13 m² and larger apartments up to 42 m².


erfect location in the center of Łódź at ul. Wólczańska 4 - 300 m from ul. Piotrkowska and 700 m from the Manufaktura Shopping Center.


Careful restoration of an over 100-year-old tenement house; renovated facade of the building, memorable beautiful backyard.


All apartments in the building overlook the greenery and many have balconies. A large rhododendron will be planted in the courtyard of the tenement house.


Own land and mortgage register and share in land.


The tenement house will be connected to the municipal central heating installation.


Our offer is comprised of a large selection of compact investment or self-catering apartments, including small-sized studios. All apartments on offer boast carefully thought-out layouts, so everything you need for comfortable living may easily be fitted into a relatively small space. There is also an option to have the adjoining apartments combined into a single one to boost overall floor space. Our price lists actually do address such a possibility.

A buyer willing to buy a larger apartment may purchase two adjacent apartments and then connect them by removing the partition wall separating them. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of dividing the flats again and possible resale of one of them. It is worth noting that two smaller apartments are always a more liquid asset than one larger one.

Many apartments boast balconies, most of them overlooking the courtyard with a landscaped garden. The apartments overlooking Wólczańska street and the sizable trees right opposite (e.g. ash, acacia, chestnut, maple) boast the most desirable western orientation. Some of the apartments overlook both sides of the building, i.e. their windows facing south as well as the courtyard with landscaped greenery. 

All apartments are high ceilinged (ranging 3.50 – 3.75 m), which makes it possible to have a comfortable mezzanine installed, appreciably boosting overall usable floor space of the premises. (Apartment cross-sections are enclosed with the price lists). Another advantage consists in the large, double-hung windows which ensure plenty of bright lighting inside. The apartments located in the attic have slanted ceilings and roof windows fitted in.

The apartments are sold as “shell units”, i.e. in the condition ready for the final finishing off by the prospective tenants. This means that all common parts of the building shall be renovated, and all windows in the apartments replaced, entrance doors to the apartments installed, whereas the walls smooth, primed, ready for the final coating, the flooring ready for laying down laminated floor boards and/or tiling. All utilities and services shall also be brought up to the apartments, whereas their actual routing inside the apartments shall be left to the buyers’ discretion. 

All apartments boast pertinent entries in the Land and Mortgage Register, and shall be sold free of any encumbrances. 


We invite you to view the investment from August 1, 2021. Until then, we encourage you to visit and see our sales office, about which we write below.


Price list and projections

Finishing of apartments

We have put together a "turnkey" standard offer for a scope of apartment finishing works, in association with I Design Thinking, our business partner. Horizon Development offers three finishing packages, closely tailored to individual requirements. It is our recommendation to have a proven contractor commissioned to carry out all the finishing works. In practical terms, this always turns out by far the best solution that helps you save money, time, and avoid any undue stress invariably linked to such a challenge. It is worth highlighting at this point that the latter two factors are frequently underestimated, when planning a scope of works to be completed on one’s own. The option we recommend is particularly well suited to anyone with very little experience in carrying out the finishing works. 

To ensure that your apartment boasts an unique, individualised appearance, we recommend using the services of Stageography of Interiors, who deal with home staging, i.e. interior design consulting. Experience proves that apartments with an inspiring design easily find potential tenants, both for the long- and short-term lease, as well as bring higher revenue generated by rental rates.

Commissioning the services of our business partners, as indicated on our website, is by no means a prerequisite requirement. Our customers may commission whatever contractors they deem fit for the purpose. We are not bound by any contracts with our business partners, nor do we receive any commission from them whatsoever for bringing in potential customers. In other words, there are no extra charges put on their services. 

Packages and finishes

Service premises

The offer includes four commercial premises located on the ground floor. Two of them (73 m² and 102 m²) have entrances from Wólczańska street, whereas the other two (81 m² each) are accessible from the staircases in the annexes. The height of the units at the front is 240 cm, whereas those located in the annexes are 210 cm high. All commercial premises are to be sold as "shell units", complete with new screeds and utilities connected.

Price list and projections


We have made detailed calculations of the anticipated full costs of purchase,  along with a scope of finishing works entailed in the apartment, in conjunction with the estimated profits from the investment made, assuming average market revenue and the select standard of finishing. These calculations are enclosed with the price list.

With regard to the small apartments, we recommend installing a mezzanine floor. Despite higher initial costs, this option has an overall beneficial effect on the estimated annual return on investment (ROI) by increasing the effective usable floor area, and consequently ensuring an appreciably higher standard of the apartment through boosting its overall functionality.

Sales office

Our sales office, located in the front building at 37 Piotrkowska street, is at your service 7 days a week, including weekends. We have turned it into a showcase apartment covering just under 18 m² of floor space, with a mezzanine installed. This way it is much easier to visualise what the apartments at 4 Wólczańska street are ultimately going to look like. You are welcome to drop by and see for yourself how functionally an apartment may be arranged, even a small one. At the same time, this will also be a perfect opportunity for you to see our latest development project completed.

We run direct sales and do not take any commission from our customers for intermediary or consulting services.

Rental management

W e regularly cooperate with Help Home, a company well experienced in comprehensive long-term leasing services. To learn more about their offer, please contact our Sales Office directly, or visit their own website.

The scope of refurbishment works

As part of a scope of comprehensive revitalisation works carried out in the building, all the renovated facades, both in the front building and the annexes, shall have an illumination system installed to bring out their contours after dark. All services and utility installations (electrical, plumbing, central heating) shall be replaced with the brand-new ones. The building shall have its own central heating system installed (to be yet determined whether a gas-fired one, or tapping into the municipal heat network). The roof shall be thermally insulated from the outside, so as to retain the existing height of the attic apartments. All widows are to be replaced. 

All common parts of the property shall be renovated in their entirety. In order to retain its historic character and ambience, much sought after both by the investors and tenants, all original details shall be meticulously renovated. The courtyard shall be resurfaced, and accommodate a designer-landscaped garden, to make the entire place evocative of the bygone times, especially after dark, when basking in the ambient light shed by the discreetly backlit façades.

Principal aim of all our revitalisation endeavours consists in modernising the historically valuable buildings in the way allowing them to continue fulfilling their original residential or commercial functions. At the same time, we spare no effort in having the apartments effectively adapted to modern living standards and individually pursued lifestyles, whilst striving to retain the original historic character of the premises.

The façades

We always opt for subdued, quiet elegance, highlighted by carefully chosen colour scheme and discreet backlighting. All decorative elements on the front façade shall be diligently restored to bring out their original appeal. Soft backlighting, meant to set off the richness of architectural detail, is going to grant the building a truly impressive look at night.

On all balconies, the existing wrought-iron balustrades shall be either diligently restored, or faithfully replicated. The look of the façade on the courtyard side shall be further enhanced by adding white bands around all the windows and highlighting all the existing decorative elements. The white bands and windows are going to work well with the light, cream-coloured plaster. The warm colour scheme of the façade is meant to shed extra light onto the courtyard, also offering a perfect background for the ivy and colourful flowers on the balconies.

The courtyard

In the middle of the courtyard, in a large, round clay pot placed on a pedestal, a several-year-old, spreading rhododendron shall be planted, flowering in a pale shade of pink. The pedestal is also meant to double as a sitting area. The rest of the courtyard is planned to be planted with smaller rhododendrons, and a variety of other carefully selected plants. 

Most of the plants to be planted in the garden are of the evergreen variety, so the garden would look its best all year round. Carefully planned planting ensures that from February right up to the end of October the plants shall be in full bloom throughout the growing season. The first splashes of colour are to appear in February and March, when laurel bushes are due to bloom, to be followed by periwinkles in March and April, rhododendrons and lilies of the valley in May, and day lilies in June. 

Hydrangeas shall delight the eyes from July to September, and finally the winter lilacs in October. The flowering plants shall be complemented by hostas, brunias, ivies, wolfsbane, cranesbills, and redbuds. All the planting is designed as classical, symmetrical flower beds, surrounding a centrally placed pedestal with a sizable rhododendron. 

At the bottom of some of the walls, ivy shall be planted, so that in time it would nicely overgrow the façades, turning the entire courtyard into a veritable "enchanted garden" - for the exclusive use of the residents. An old cast-iron sink with a tap shall be fitted onto one of the walls. The entrance doors to the staircases shall be painted in an unusual burgundy colour, further highlighting a unique character of the courtyard. The colour scheme of the paving slabs, corresponding to the façade, shall offer a consistent complement to this secluded space. The entrance to the courtyard shall lead through a renovated passage with a latticework gate. Rather unusual and pretty rare artefacts are the antique doorstops in the shape of dwarves, located just at the entrance to the main gate. These shall be retained and lovingly restored to their original, pristine look. 

The staircases

The renovation work to be carried out on the staircases and the corridors shall be focused primarily on retaining and restoring all the components of the original decor. We are planning to grant a new lease of life to all the staircases and corridors, as well as make overall colour scheme fully consistent with the one on the façades. Rather sizable, original windows shall provide plenty of lighting within the staircases, as well as a great view of the inner landscaped garden. The stained glass window over the inner door to the front staircase shall also offer an extra appeal. The terrazzo stairs shall be scrubbed clean and given a protective coating, effectively setting off the historic floor tiles, as well as the black, wrought-iron balustrades boasting impressively decorative ornamentation.


The building shall be fitted out with an intercom and an integrated monitoring system, whereas the main entrance gate shall remain permanently locked. Digital entrance door handles may optionally be fitted at an extra cost to some of the apartments, if required. This particular solution appreciably aids the management of both long-term and short-term tenancy. Remote programming of the access code to the apartments effectively precludes any unauthorised entry, as well as helps out in resolving the issue of any tenants defaulting on their rental payments. 

One of the basements shall accommodate a bicycle storage unit for the exclusive use of the building's residents.

Neighborhood and location

The property at 4 Wólczańska street boasts an excellent location, just 750 m from the Manufaktura, 400 m from Piotrkowska street pedestrian area, and 450 m from the planned commuter stop sited along the city’s cross-rail tunnel. An artistic installation set up by a nearby Puppet Theatre, i.e. figures of harlequins balancing on a tightrope stretched across the street, a colourful mural on a building nearby, plenty of sizable trees, clumps of ornamental grasses, and benches spaced around a nearby square make this location uniquely peaceful and ambient, even though it happens to be right next to the very hub of the city.

Most of the main tourist attractions of the city are located in close proximity of this development, including such prominent landmarks as the palatial residences of Israel, Maurycy and Karol Poznański, Rudolf Keller, villas of Leopold Kindermann and Edward Hanstschal. There are also numerous cultural institutions located nearby, e.g. Puppet Theatre, The New Theatre, Museum of the Arts, and The Academy of Music. It is also easy to access the city’s newest attraction, Poland's largest Orientarium at the ZOO, spacious Botanical Garden, and a number of academic facilities.

Just a few hundred metres from 4 Wólczańska street, within a walking distance, there is one of the largest open-air market squares in Łódź, Zielony Rynek. All year round you can buy there fresh fruit, high quality vegetables, and cut flowers, whereas an adjacent hall houses a diversity of food stalls. In close proximity of the square there are plenty of retail shops, supermarkets like Biedronka and Lidl, plus a number of household services outlets. The Zachodnia and Gdańska streets run parallel to the Wólczańska street. These are some of the city’s main arteries with numerous tram and bus services. Fortunately, the sounds of the bustling city do not travel as far as Wólczańska street, which remains a peaceful, leafy, and ambient enclave.

Car users may leave their vehicles in the nearby public parking spaces along the street, or in a very cheap parking lot in the neighbouring plot. Cyclists may chain their bikes to the bicycle racks located right next to the property, or safely leave them in bicycle storage unit on the premises. There are numerous bicycle lanes within the Stary Polesie district, which encourages making use of this means of city transport.


Railway commuter link

The property at 4 Wólczańska street is only 450 metres away from the planned commuter stop, to be sited along the city’s cross-rail tunnel at the junction of the Zachodnia and Zielona streets. Thanks to the ongoing construction works on the railway tunnel, the city of Łódź is soon going to have its own railway commuter link, not unlike a scaled-down metro service. The tunnel is to link up two mainline railway stations - Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska. In practical terms, numerous stopping and fast-train services shall be easily accessible at the stop located right next to 4 Wólczańska street. Future residents shall then be able to commute comfortably to other parts of the city, as well as catch a service going directly to other locations throughout the country. Train services are planned to run quite frequently, even every 8 minutes, whereas the first trains are expected to make their way through the tunnel as early as 2023.

CH Manufaktura

in the center

to communication

Right next to
"Small Metro"

The neighborhood
of universities

the Philharmonic

History and architecture

Wólczańska street remains deeply embedded in the city’s history. It used to be a street lined up with factories, palatial residences, villas, and townhouses. Its origins date back to 1825, when this particular area was separated from the village of Wólka. During the city’s rapid development, the factory owners like Kindermann, Lange, Richter, Huffer and the Schweikert brothers had their proud residences put up there. During World War II, the street lost many of its original buildings. In November 1939, a synagogue located at number 6, i.e. on the plot adjacent to the 4 Wólczańska development project. The Jewish temple was commonly dubbed "The Lithuanians’ synagogue", as the Jews who had arrived in the Kingdom of Poland in the years 1891-1892 and 1905-1907 happened to originate from the Russian zone of settlement, mainly from Russia’s western governorates, presently the territories of Lithuania and northern Belarus. Currently, the site accommodates a parking lot and an adjacent private school building.

The construction of the six-storey townhouse at 4 Wólczańska street commenced in 1913, and was completed a year later. The building had a nearly rectangular footprint and consisted of a front building, two side annexes, and a closing transverse annexe.

From the side overlooking Wólczańska street, the entrance is decorated by an antique, double-winged, latticework gate, with a transom light, and a radial arrangement of muntins, and an oculus made over the entrance door to the staircase. In front of the main gate, two dwarf-shaped doorstoppers are also worthy of attention. On both sides of the building, two overhangs (bay window arrangements) with balconies, topped with the arch-shaped crests were designed. Decorative floor tiles with floral ornamentation survived the ravages of time, as did the wrought-iron, latticework balustrades boasting rich floral motifs, and geometrical patterns on the landings.

The representative frontal façade facing the Wólczańska street is characterised by the early-modernist architecture, eloquently enhanced with sophisticated ornamentation, directly evocative of the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles. The façade is set on a high plinth with stylish rustication at the ground floor level. The upper part of the façade is accentuated with vertical divisions. 
In the central area of the façade, between the bay window overhangs, the window axes are separated by the three-storey pilasters, faced off with white ceramic tiles along their lengths. 
The pilaster bases rest on a wide panelled frieze covered with cornices, separating the ground floor from the first floor. The frieze is filled with rectangular window panels with a stucco decoration provided by a repetitive floral motif.

Between the first and second floor storeys, there is a narrow meandering frieze whose line is interrupted by the inter-window pilasters. Over the frieze, there are convex window panels decorated with centrally placed square buttons lined with astragal edges. 

Under the third floor windows, there are square, smooth-surfaced panels. The attic level in the central part of the façade is separated at the bottom by a cordon cornice, whereas at the top by a stepped crown cornice, also encircling the tops of the bay window overhangs. The attic windows are lined by the bands. 

The façades of the side annexes are decorated in the same way as the rear façade of the front building. They have profiled ground floor window bands, rectangular panels between the windows, some of them faced off with speckled plaster, as well as the cordon cornices and a crowning cornice.


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