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The property at 4 Wólczańska street boasts an excellent location, just 750 m from the Manufaktura, 400 m from Piotrkowska street pedestrian area, and 450 m from the planned commuter stop sited along the city’s cross-rail tunnel. An artistic installation set up by a nearby Puppet Theatre, i.e. figures of harlequins balancing on a tightrope stretched across the street, a colourful mural on a building nearby, plenty of sizable trees, clumps of ornamental grasses, and benches spaced around a nearby square make this location uniquely peaceful and ambient, even though it happens to be right next to the very hub of the city.

Most of the main tourist attractions of the city are located in close proximity of this development, including such prominent landmarks as the palatial residences of Israel, Maurycy and Karol Poznański, Rudolf Keller, villas of Leopold Kindermann and Edward Hanstschal. There are also numerous cultural institutions located nearby, e.g. Puppet Theatre, The New Theatre, Museum of the Arts, and The Academy of Music. It is also easy to access the city’s newest attraction, Poland's largest Orientarium at the ZOO, spacious Botanical Garden, and a number of academic facilities.

Just a few hundred metres from 4 Wólczańska street, within a walking distance, there is one of the largest open-air market squares in Łódź, Zielony Rynek. All year round you can buy there fresh fruit, high quality vegetables, and cut flowers, whereas an adjacent hall houses a diversity of food stalls. In close proximity of the square there are plenty of retail shops, supermarkets like Biedronka and Lidl, plus a number of household services outlets. The Zachodnia and Gdańska streets run parallel to the Wólczańska street. These are some of the city’s main arteries with numerous tram and bus services. Fortunately, the sounds of the bustling city do not travel as far as Wólczańska street, which remains a peaceful, leafy, and ambient enclave.

Car users may leave their vehicles in the nearby public parking spaces along the street, or in a very cheap parking lot in the neighbouring plot. Cyclists may chain their bikes to the bicycle racks located right next to the property, or safely leave them in bicycle storage unit on the premises. There are numerous bicycle lanes within the Stary Polesie district, which encourages making use of this means of city transport.


Railway commuter link

The property at 4 Wólczańska street is only 450 metres away from the planned commuter stop, to be sited along the city’s cross-rail tunnel at the junction of the Zachodnia and Zielona streets. Thanks to the ongoing construction works on the railway tunnel, the city of Łódź is soon going to have its own railway commuter link, not unlike a scaled-down metro service. The tunnel is to link up two mainline railway stations - Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska. In practical terms, numerous stopping and fast-train services shall be easily accessible at the stop located right next to 4 Wólczańska street. Future residents shall then be able to commute comfortably to other parts of the city, as well as catch a service going directly to other locations throughout the country. Train services are planned to run quite frequently, even every 8 minutes, whereas the first trains are expected to make their way through the tunnel as early as 2023.

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