Our portfolio includes a wide range of small, self-contained apartments and compact studios. Every unit has been designed with care, allowing you to effortlessly integrate everything you need for comfortable living into a relatively small space. However, in order to increase the total floor area, it is also possible to combine several adjacent units into a single one by removing the partition wall.

A number of units have balconies, most of which overlook the courtyard with its beautiful garden. The west-facing apartments with views of Wólczańska street and the large trees directly across (e.g. ash, acacia, chestnut, maple) are considered the most attractive. Some apartments provide have views of both sides of the building, with windows facing south and the courtyard with landscaped greenery. All apartments have high ceilings (3.50‒3.75 m), allowing for a comfortable mezzanine, which significantly increases the overall useable floor space. (The price lists include apartment layouts.) Another advantage is the huge, double-hung windows, which let a lot of natural light inside. Slanted ceilings and roof windows are installed in the attic apartments.

The apartments are sold as shell units ready to be completed and decorated by prospective tenants. All common areas of the building will have been renovated, all the windows and doors to apartments replaced, whereas the walls will be smoothed, primed, and ready for the final coating. The flooring will be ready for laminated floorboards and/or tiling. All utilities will be provided to the units, although their actual routing inside is up to the owners. All units have been registered in the Land Register and are sold free and clear of any liens.


Viewing the apartments is possible only in the company of our Sales Office representative.
Please call +48 796 800 178 or +48 500 750 004 to arrange a convenient time.


Price list and projections

Finishing of apartments

We have put together a "turnkey" standard offer for a scope of apartment finishing works, in association with I Design Thinking, our business partner. Horizon Development offers three finishing packages, closely tailored to individual requirements. It is our recommendation to have a proven contractor commissioned to carry out all the finishing works. In practical terms, this always turns out by far the best solution that helps you save money, time, and avoid any undue stress invariably linked to such a challenge. It is worth highlighting at this point that the latter two factors are frequently underestimated, when planning a scope of works to be completed on one’s own. The option we recommend is particularly well suited to anyone with very little experience in carrying out the finishing works. 

To ensure that your apartment boasts an unique, individualised appearance, we recommend using the services of Stageography of Interiors, who deal with home staging, i.e. interior design consulting. Experience proves that apartments with an inspiring design easily find potential tenants, both for the long- and short-term lease, as well as bring higher revenue generated by rental rates.

Commissioning the services of our business partners, as indicated on our website, is by no means a prerequisite requirement. Our customers may commission whatever contractors they deem fit for the purpose. We are not bound by any contracts with our business partners, nor do we receive any commission from them whatsoever for bringing in potential customers. In other words, there are no extra charges put on their services. 

Service premises

The offer includes four service premises located in the basement of the tenement house. Two of them (73 m² and 102 m²) have entrances from Wólczańska Street, and the other two (81 m² each) from annex staircases. All service premises will be sold in a "ready-to-finish" condition, with installations brought in and new screeds made. Their height is 250 cm.

Price list and projections


We have made detailed calculations of the anticipated full costs of purchase,  along with a scope of finishing works entailed in the apartment, in conjunction with the estimated profits from the investment made, assuming average market revenue and the select standard of finishing. These calculations are enclosed with the price list.

With regard to the small apartments, we recommend installing a mezzanine floor. Despite higher initial costs, this option has an overall beneficial effect on the estimated annual return on investment (ROI) by increasing the effective usable floor area, and consequently ensuring an appreciably higher standard of the apartment through boosting its overall functionality.

Sales office

Our sales office, located in the front building at 37 Piotrkowska street, is at your service 7 days a week, including weekends. We have turned it into a showcase apartment covering just under 18 m² of floor space, with a mezzanine installed. This way it is much easier to visualise what the apartments at 4 Wólczańska street are ultimately going to look like. You are welcome to drop by and see for yourself how functionally an apartment may be arranged, even a small one. At the same time, this will also be a perfect opportunity for you to see our latest development project completed.

We run direct sales and do not take any commission from our customers for intermediary or consulting services.

Rental management

W e regularly cooperate with Help Home, a company well experienced in comprehensive long-term leasing services. To learn more about their offer, please contact our Sales Office directly, or visit their own website.




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Sales office
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